Oath Life Systems™ plant probiotics

The Oath Life System

Oath Life Systems™ includes a proprietary group of billions of naturally occurring microbes.

The Oath Life System™ represents a scalable regenerative agriculture and natural climate solution that accelerates nature's primordial life system to solve the challenges humanity faces today.

The Challenge

Humanity has currently lost more than 50% of our food producing soils due to severe degradation.*

If we continue on this course, the United Nations predicts that within 60 years from today, humanity could be without viable soil for food production.**

The natural life systems that bind carbon from the atmosphere, produce nutrient-dense food and support the health and existence of all living beings are being decimated on a daily basis.

Human benefit

Climate Change

There are 2,500 billion tons of carbon in Earth's soil, versus 800 billion tons in the atmosphere and 560 billion tons in plant and animal life.

Earth's cultivated soils have lost 50%-70% of their carbon stock, which has oxidized upon exposure to the air and become CO2. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere is simple, it is a matter of supporting the natural cycle that returns carbon to where it belongs -- in the soil.

Climate Facts - Climate

Earth benefit

Food Crisis

Over the next two decades, it is estimated that we will produce 40% less food while the global population will swell to 9.3 billion people.

Degraded soils have lowered the nutritional value of our fruits and vegetables by 90%.

Climate Facts - Food

Water conservation

Loss of Biodiversity

It is estimated that we lose 27,000 species to extinction every year. This loss disrupts our soils and further inhibits the natural systems' ability to regenerate.

Climate Facts - Biodiversity

Plant health

Water Scarcity

Compacted and biologically inactive soils with low organic matter can not retain or regulate water flow.

A soil with reduced water holding capacity leads to ecosystem flooding, water scarcity and drought.

Climate Facts - water

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The Solution

Oath Soil Life™ plant probiotics