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For 20 years, Oath Life Systems™ has been delivering transformative results in the regenerative agriculture industry.

Over the years, thousands of customers have experienced the benefits of improved soil health: improved plant health, yield, nutrient density, flavor, aroma and more.


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How does it work?

We do not yet fully understand the relationship between microorganisms and the life they support. There appears to be an intelligence that informs the microbes and the benefits they deliver to their host plant's roots and their soil environment, which, in turn, supports vitality and sustainability. Oath is committed to investing in the research needed to understand this interdependent life-giving partnership.

Oath Soil Life™ contains a proprietary group of soil microbes that commonly inhabit soil and that work together to benefit plant life in the healthy soils of our planet.

All of the microbes found in Oath Soil Life™ feed on and digest the carbon particles found within the soil and on the roots of plants. Carbon in the soil from a variety of sources is used as a food source for these highly beneficial organisms to support and expedite the regeneration of soil, the healthy growth of plants, and natural climate solutions.

Soil benefits
Soil Benefits

Regeneration of soil structures that create a variety of positive changes in soil's ability to hold and retain water, all of which support the regeneration and proliferation of indigenous organisms.

Plant benefits
Plant Benefits

Increased transfer of bio-available macro/micro nutrients and metabolic pathway improvements, leading to plant health and yield enhancement.

OMRI approved

Oath Soil Life™ is approved for use in USDA certified organic food production by OMRI

Approved for use in USDA organic agriculture OMRI approved

A healthy soil can contain over 10 billion probiotic microbes in a single gram.

Many soils and potting mediums contain extremely low amounts of beneficial microbes. Oath Soil Life™ gives you more microbes for your money than many leading competitors

  • Oath Soil Life™ - 4.63 Billion
  • Compost Tea - ~500 Million
  • Leading Competitors - ~800 Million
10 grams makes 100 gallons

10 grams of Oath Soil Life™ creates 100 gallons of organic microbial tea for plants. Treats up to 1,000 plants.